7 Questions To Ask If Your Baby Takes Short Naps

Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend an hour getting your baby asleep, you tip-toe away and lay down hoping for a nap yourself. Just as you start to drift off 30 minutes later, your baby is awake and calling for you. Like many parents, you are dealing with a catnapping baby. Babies often take […]

Why Having A Consistent, Age-Appropriate Bedtime Matters

Age-appropriate bedtime matters

Does it really matter what time your child goes to bed at night? Looking at the science, it does! It is important that kids have a bedtime that is both consistent and age-appropriate. Having a regular, age-appropriate bedtime allows children to get the sleep their brains and bodies need to grow and function at their […]

Ending Tantrums At Bedtime

tantrums at bedtime

If your child is old enough to talk, you have without a doubt experienced your share of tantrums at bedtime as well as other bedtime battles. Be it the jack-in-a-box coming out of his room over and over again, the midnight visitor to your room, or the negotiator; bedtime battles take a variety of forms. […]

Nightmares and Night Terrors: What Is A Parent To Do?

nightmare or night terror fb

Is it a nightmare or night terror? If your child is two years old or older, chances are pretty good you have dealt with at least nightmares and night terrors. Sometimes, even younger children deal with these nighttime disruptions.   Your child starts screaming “mommy!” loudly at 3 am. You run into her room and […]