How To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

How to stop swaddling

Most babies love being swaddled! It mimics the coziness of the womb, helping young babies feel snug and secure. As a parent, you may have found that your baby sleeps much better when swaddled. Unfortunately, swaddling cannot continue forever, and eventually you will have to decide how to stop swaddling your baby. When To Stop […]

7 Questions To Ask If Your Baby Takes Short Naps

Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend an hour getting your baby asleep, you tip-toe away and lay down hoping for a nap yourself. Just as you start to drift off 30 minutes later, your baby is awake and calling for you. Like many parents, you are dealing with a catnapping baby. Babies often take […]

Following The Infant Safe Sleep Guidelines At Home

safe sleep environment for infants

As parents, we instinctively want to keep our kids safe. However instead of following the infant safe sleep guidelines, we often unintentionally create an unsafe sleep environment in an effort to promote better sleep for our babies. While these unsafe sleeping arrangements may indeed result in better sleep, they also put babies at a greater […]

When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Having your baby sleep through the night is an anticipated parental milestone. New parents often wonder “when will my baby sleep through the night?”.  You may feel behind if you have friends whose little ones started sleeping through the night at 3 or 4 months of age, while you are no where close to getting […]

Ready, Set, Sleep! Surviving the First Few Weeks With A Newborn

surviving the first few weeks with a newborn

You did it! You made it through pregnancy and delivery, a less than restful hospital stay, and the first few nights at home with your precious newborn. Now you are free to spend hours staring at the sweet face of your blissfully sleeping baby and nap all you want since you baby is spending so much […]