When Do Babies Start Sleeping Through The Night?

Baby sleeping through the night

Are you longing for a full night of sleep? Are you exhausted from weeks or months of feeding your baby multiple times a night? Hang in there. That full night of sleep will be yours before you know it. Keep reading to learn when do babies start sleeping through the night.  When Do Babies Start […]

Baby Sleep At Daycare

Baby sleep

While naps can be challenging for any baby, they can be particularly challenging for babies who are in daycare. If your baby is about to start daycare, or is already in daycare but is struggling with sleep, you probably have some questions. Primarily, “Will my baby ever sleep well at daycare?”. If I could give […]

How To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

How to stop swaddling

Most babies love being swaddled! It mimics the coziness of the womb, helping young babies feel snug and secure. As a parent, you may have found that your baby sleeps much better when swaddled. Unfortunately, swaddling cannot continue forever, and eventually you will have to decide how to stop swaddling your baby. When To Stop […]

7 Questions To Ask If Your Baby Takes Short Naps

Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend an hour getting your baby asleep, you tip-toe away and lay down hoping for a nap yourself. Just as you start to drift off 30 minutes later, your baby is awake and calling for you. Like many parents, you are dealing with a catnapping baby. Babies often take […]

Sleep Training: 3 Common Myths

Baby Sleep Training showing baby sleeping happily on back wearing green outfit

If you want to find a polarizing parenting topic, look no farther! Baby sleep training is something many people strongly oppose and advocate against. On the other hand, many people just as strongly advocate for sleep training. So, who is right? Common Baby Sleep Training Myths Personally, I think sleep training has gotten a bad […]

Is Your Baby Staying Awake Too Long?

Baby Wake Times, What Are They? Baby wake times describe the interval between when your child wakes from one sleep period and falls asleep for the next one. Having the right wake times for your baby can make or break how easily he falls asleep for naps and at bedtime! The correct wake time length […]