baby sleep consultantWelcome! Are you looking for a baby sleep consultant? I am glad you are here! My name is Lauren and I am the founder and owner of Peachtree Pediatric Sleep Consulting. I am a Georgia native and reside in the Atlanta area with my husband and little ones.

Prior to starting a family, I spent over a decade in pediatric healthcare as first a nurse and then a pediatric nurse practitioner. I had all the book knowledge there is to have about babies and sleep. But no book fully prepares you for the exhaustion that is 2:00 am when you have a baby who will not sleep.

Becoming a parent gave me a new appreciation for all of those mamas and dads of little ones that I had talked with about sleep over the years. Parenting is hard, period. It is even harder when you are running on fumes day after day because your little one (and thus you) is not sleeping well.

No two babies are exactly alike. They don’t realize that dozens upon dozens of books have been written about them and  their sleep; they most certainly haven’t read them! Each baby is unique and has his or her own personality. Some are easy going and sleep well from the start while others struggle from Day One.

Like all of us, babies are creatures of habit. They love routine and predictability. When provided with the necessary tools, babies can learn to become great sleepers! I use my years of professional experience with young children and my life experience as a mom and combine them to bring you helpful resources. My goal is to help you reach your goal of having a little one who sleeps well.