• Car naps. They are part of life! While they are great for young infants, after 5-6 months even a short nap can really throw off your child’s usual sleep schedule. So unless you are aiming for a nap to take place on the go, do your best to avoid car naps! If your child sleeps 5 minutes or less, you can likely stick to his or her typical schedule. Naps 5-10 minutes are a gray zone. If the nap is longer than 10 minutes, chances are that enough sleep pressure was relieved that your child won’t be able to easily fall asleep at his or her next usual sleep period. It is an easy fix! Keep your child up 30 - 45 minutes later than normal and then aim for that next nap or bedtime. I do my best to be home at least 30 minutes before a nap, but sometimes I don’t make it! Is your child a car sleeper? #sleeptips #nappingbaby #sleepybaby #momtips #toddlermom #toddlermama #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife
  • Started a new series on my blog today! We are going to be talking all about sleep training. Today, I talked about 3 common myths. I know that many people hear “sleep training” and simultaneously hear “cry it out”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! The link is in my bio. Head on over to see the 3 myths and corresponding realities! Later this week we’ll cover Cry It Out and talk about what it is (and also what it isn’t) may be surprised! #sleeptips #sleeptraining #sleepconsultant #babysleep #toddlersleep #tiredmama #tiredmom #momtribe #realmotherhood #expectingmom #waitingonbaby #momtobe #ohheymama
  • Meet me Friday! Hi! I’m so glad you are here! My name is Lauren and I love talking about sleep! My favorite job is being a wife + mom and my second favorite job is being a sleep consultant. Before this, I worked as a pediatric nurse practitioner for almost a decade. That adds up to a lot of conversations about sleep! Some parents are blessed with naturally good sleepers but my daughter was not one of those. She had intense colic for her first 3-4 months of life and wasn’t ready to sleep through a 12 hour night until 11 months. So, those of you who don’t have naturally good sleepers, I’ve been in your shoes! There is sleep on the other side! She learned to fall asleep on her own around 5-6 months and has been a great sleeper since!  Besides sleep, I love eating vanilla ice cream, reading, and baking. I enjoy organizing and re-organizing our house and hope to have time to pick up quilting again one day. That’s me in a nutshell! I’d love to meet you too 😊
  • Having a happy, full tummy is important! It is hard to sleep when you are hungry, and hunger waking your child (unless they are an infant) from a nap or in the night is the last thing you want! 😴Try to time lunch so it is just before nap and if supper ends more than 1.5-2 hours before bed, you may want to offer a small bedtime snack. 🍕Side note: if you struggle with getting your child to eat healthy foods, you need to peek over at @veggiesandvirtue . I have been following a few weeks now and she is a wealth of inspiration and advice (that is totally doable and realistic!). Tonight’s dinner was inspired by her “love it, like it, learning it” and went very well. Bananas were her “love it” food, strawberries her “like it” (although I think they’ll be moving up to “love it” since she gobbled them right up) and peas her “learning it” food - that she is getting better and better about eating. 🙌🏻 Our schedule is lunch at 11:15 am down for nap at 12:15 pm, dinner at 5/5:30 pm and lights out at 6:30 pm-ish. 😴 #sleeptips #happybellyhappybaby #momtips #momfriends #sleepytoddler #sleepybaby #tiredtoddler #tiredbaby
  • Yesterday was national nap day. Appropriate timing I would say! I celebrated by taking two naps 😴. Being almost 8 months pregnant and having a newly mobile toddler = sleepy mama. I talk about babies and sleep all the time, but sleep is important for you too mama! Take advantage of your little ones nap and catch at least a short nap yourself. A short cat nap can do wonders! Did you nap on national nap day? #sleeptips #momfriends #momtips #tiredmom #tiredmama #sleepymama #thirdtrimester #chasingtoddlers #toddlermama #twoundertwo
  • Are you keeping one of these busy tonight?? Did you know it is very normal for babies to need at least one night feeding up to 9 months? Sometimes, baby will even keep this feeding until a year! It is also normal for babies to wake more than typical for them during growth spurts and developmental leaps. That said, if your little one is normally waking every 1-2 hours at 4+ months, there are things we can do to help your little one (and you!) to get longer stretches of sleep. Sometimes, babies will snack their way through the night and thus have multiple small snacks rather than 1-3 good meals. Is your little one still eating at night? My daughter wasn’t ready to drop her last feeding until 10.5 months! #sleepybaby #babysleep #sleepymama #sleepymommy #hungrybaby #nursingmom #mamamilk #sleepbabysleep #growingbaby
  • Morning mamas and daddies! How did your morning go? Don’t forget that meals and naps may need to be shifted a bit today as your little one adjusts to the time change. I’d love to hear how morning wake up went at your house? My little one is at grandma’s, so I don’t know how it went yet! #sleeptips #sleepymama #toddlermama #happytoddler #happybabygirl #happybabyboy #newbornmama #firsttimemommy #firsttimemom
  • Spring Forward sale! Now through March 10. Happy Sleeping!