As children grow, their sleep needs and habits will change! Have a sleep question you’ve tried to trouble shoot but are feeling stuck? Has your child grown and is now experiencing a new sleep struggle? Do you have a trip coming up and are wondering how to handle travel to a different time zone? These packages are designed so you can get your questions answered as they arise.

These packages are for graduates of the All In and I’m Ready packages..

Email Punch Card

A virtual punch card, one “punch” is considered an email that requires a sleep related response. For example, you email about an upcoming vacation and would like sleep recommendations. I respond and ask some questions. You respond with answers. I respond with recommendations. That = 1 punch. 

You may send happy updates or friendly hello’s as much as you desire punch-free 🙂 

5-punch card: $30

10-punch card: $55

15-punch card: $80

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Phone Punch Card

Similar to the email punch card, this virtual punch card is for phone calls. You chose how much time you would like to purchase and may use it for an unlimited number of calls until all of the time has been used. After each call, you will receive an email updating you on the balance remaining on your punch card. The punch card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note there is no refund for unused time.

30 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $75

90 minutes: $110

120 minutes: $150

*Please note, no written materials are provided. A written summary may be requested for individual phone calls for $10/call. *

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